The UI on a project of mine had to be resiz­able. The UI included a slider which unfor­tu­nately did not have a resize method nor was it smart enough to update itself should the under­ly­ing ele­ment be resized. So I cre­ated the fol­low­ing extension:

Object.extend(Control.Slider.prototype, {
  setLength: function(length) {
    // resize the element
    if (this.isVertical()) {
      Element.setStyle(this.track, {height: length + "px"});
    } else {
      Element.setStyle(this.track, {width: length + "px"});
    // update lengths
    this.trackLength = this.maximumOffset() - this.minimumOffset();

    this.handleLength = this.isVertical() ? 
      (this.handles[0].offsetHeight != 0 ? 
        this.handles[0].offsetHeight : this.handles[0].style.height.replace(/px$/,"")) : 
      (this.handles[0].offsetWidth != 0 ? this.handles[0].offsetWidth : 
    // reposition handles
    this.handles.each( function(h,i) {[this.isVertical() ? 'top' : 'left'] = 

Just drop this code into your extensions.js file and you should be good to go. Then just call the instance method like so mySlider.setLength(newLength) where newLength is an inte­ger value.

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