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So accord­ing to Dar­ing Fire­ball Apple’s new iPhone Devel­oper Pro­gram License Agree­ment effec­tively bans Adobe’s Flash-to-iPhone compiler.

CS5 is this­close to release and the iPhone com­piler is the flag­ship fea­ture in this ver­sion of Flash. They’re pretty much roy­ally fucked.

Plus Apple has already made its posi­tion clear on Flash. Per­son­ally, since I’ve never been a slave to brands, I don’t have much of a stake in either com­pany unless one of my mutual funds hap­pens to invest in one. Yet, the way I see it, Adobe can really give Apple the big “Fuck You” if it wanted to, sim­ply by no longer pro­duc­ing any of its Adobe soft­ware for OS X. Now see­ing how design­ers and design houses invest heav­ily in Macs sim­ply to run Adobe soft­ware, should that plat­form no longer become avail­able, what do you think is going to hap­pen? Is the entire graphic design, web, print, and pub­lish­ing indus­tries going to aban­don all its invested know-how and sim­ply pick a new defacto indus­try stan­dard, or are they going to switch to Windows?

As reported on Almost Done, Apple appar­ently has its own iPad-specific web frame­work, which Jim Hoskins has dubbed AdLib. If you don’t own an iPad, you can still have a look at it by spoof­ing the user-agent cour­tesy of Life­Hacker.

Mozilla/5.0(iPad; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/531.21.10 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.4 Mobile/7B314 Safari/531.21.10

I tried Fire­fox and Chrome using their respec­tive user-agent switcher plu­g­ins, but didn’t get very far. So go into Safari and select Develop->User Agent->Other… Paste in the above string, click OK, and make sure it’s active. Next nav­i­gate to iPad User Guide and check it out. Here’s hop­ing Apple will be releas­ing it inde­pen­dently or as a part of the SDK. Here’s also hop­ing it’s iPhone-compatible.

I’m in the mar­ket for a new lap­top and I pur­pose­fully waited for the new Mac­Books to be released. I priced out a Dell XPS M1330 and once the fea­tures are matched up as close as I can make them, there’s a $60 price dif­fer­ence in favor of the Dell. $1599 vs $1533. The Mac­Book comes out ahead in GPU, FSB, and oper­at­ing sys­tem (OS X > Vista because of Unix) and the Dell comes out ahead in terms of con­nec­tors (HDMI, Firewire, card reader, Express­Card slot, etc.). I tried to con­fig­ure a com­pa­ra­ble Ubuntu machine, but the proces­sor speed is fixed at 2.0 GHz and eas­ily went over com­pared to the $1299 Mac­Book. The only com­peti­tor now is a late model 15″ Mac­Book Pro which for refurb starts at $1349—a very tasty price indeed. The MBP matches the advan­tages of the m1330 and has a bet­ter GPU, screen size, and res­o­lu­tion than the new Mac­Book. How much bet­ter is the GPU? Let’s see.


I like to use my iPhone for view­ing pod­casts. How­ever, man­ag­ing them through iTunes leaves much to be desired because some pod­casts I like to view and then trash them, while oth­ers I like to archive and have synced at all times. iTunes does not have an obvi­ous way to set this up.