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I cur­rently develop on a Win­dows machine. (You can cut the snick­er­ing.) There­fore, I don’t have the plea­sure of using Text­Mate. I’m also avoid­ing IDEs as a mat­ter of course when an edi­tor and CLI often avoids the bloat and sub­se­quently works faster. I first used Scite which shipped with InstantRails. I quickly moved over to jEdit when I switched to Rails on Cyg­win. With the right set of plu­g­ins you can quickly and eas­ily get a TextMate-like edi­tor. I decided to give Vim/GVim a try when I saw it in action. As much as I liked the raw power, things just didn’t make sense to me. When you learn to use edi­tors a cer­tain way, it’s hard to break old habits. Enter Cream.