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Some of the reg­u­lar read­ers of this blog might have noticed that the design has changed. When I orig­i­nally setup this blog, I of course chose one of the many ready-made themes avail­able for Word­Press. I set­tled on WP-Andreas01 and mod­i­fied it for a two-column lay­out, swapped out the header image, and adjusted the col­ors. It was clean, it was light, and it was min­i­mal­ist. Even­tu­ally I grew tired of it and wanted a dark theme, instead. I even­tu­ally set­tled on Never End­ing Dark­ness which again was clean and min­i­mal­ist. In the back of my mind, some­thing both­ered me even after I made the req­ui­site changes to the lay­out, col­ors, and graph­ics. I finally deter­mined that the design was cliché. So if I was to be happy with the design, it would have to be a design of my own mak­ing. This is a post-mortem analy­sis of that design.


OK the move is more or less com­plete. I even went ahead and upgraded to the lat­est Word­Press ver­sion. The site runs so much faster now thanks to the new server hard­ware. One of my non-crucial WP plu­g­ins did not work after the upgrade. No big­gie. Any way, if any­one notices a bug with the site, let me know and I’ll try to have it resolved ASAP. Com­ments have been re-enabled.

I recently received noti­fi­ca­tion that my new host­ing account is ready, so I’ve closed com­ments on the blog dur­ing the move. Hope­fully it won’t take too long.

Putting up a site for my posse was always on the back burner. Odd since my cur­rent pro­fes­sion is web devel­op­ment, one would think such a cre­ation would be birthed sooner than later. Yet as stu­dious, hard-working, cre­ative, and focused as the four of us can be, our nat­ural ten­dency is towards lazi­ness. Many an anec­dote will attest to that. Not that lazi­ness is a bad thing. Get­ting the most out of the least effort is noth­ing short of being effi­cient. And we should all strive to be more effi­cient. So in spite of said lazi­ness (and a need to jus­tify a siz­able expen­di­ture for a host­ing plan) I built our­selves a soap­box. So it begins…