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May Day” is exactly what Digg is exclaim­ing right now. Any­one who’s a reg­u­lar reader of Digg, Slash­dot and the like knows, users are doing noth­ing short of revolt­ing against DRM and respond­ing to—what peo­ple say is uncalled for—censorship (even if its in a site’s power to mod­er­ate the user-posted con­tent). They’re flood­ing Digg with links to ever more cre­ative expres­sions of the access key for unlock­ing HD-DVDs. The MPAA might as well just throw in the towel and either gen­er­ate a new key, develop a new copy-protection scheme (that will get defeated sooner or later), or just fol­low the music industry’s lead and phase out DRM all together. By try­ing to squash this infor­ma­tion, all they’ve done is pub­li­cize it even more. When they say that if it gets on the inter­net it stays on the inter­net, they mean it.