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I watch animé. That, Lego blocks, and video games are the three child­hood vices I never out­grew. It’s just that my hob­bies have matured along with me. I now pre­fer games that are rated M even though I still enjoy those that are rated E. I now pre­fer Tech­nic sets over LEGOLAND Space sets. I now pre­fer animé that deal with mature themes (e.g. Say­onara Zetsubou Sen­sei, Seirei no Moribito) over those that are juve­nile (Poke­mon). I wish more ani­mated shows in the US were more like those from Japan.


Grats to the Giants. Grats to Eli. I’m glad to see you’ve come into your own. Too bad MVP is an indi­vid­ual award since the NY defen­sive line kicked ass. Belichick, you’re an ass. You snubbed Pey­ton and you ignored Eli and left early. Learn not to be a sore loser. Long live the 72 Dolphin’s per­fect sea­son. I miss you Shula.