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I finally got around to spin­ning off MyGoogle­Cal as a sep­a­rate web­site. I opted to rename the script to RESTYLEgc to avoid step­ping on Google’s toes. It was some­thing that’s been ges­tat­ing over the past year. I com­pleted the site over the hol­i­day week­end since I had the time avail­able. The new site is at I’m also host­ing the script at Google Code, and I even added a Google Group to facil­i­tate dis­cus­sions. After see­ing the com­ments top 100, I real­ize a blog really isn’t suit­able for lengthy dis­cus­sions. Hope­fully, the forum and wiki fea­tures will be bet­ter for the end-user.

I updated MyGoogleCal4 with a small bug­fix this week­end as well. That will be the last update. Future devel­op­ment will con­tinue with RESTYLEgc. Since the code was orig­i­nally pub­lic domain, I opted to go with an MIT open source license. I also got the code in a Sub­ver­sion repos­i­tory which I should’ve done a long time ago. With the Issues tab at Google Code, I can bet­ter track and encour­age bug reports and fea­ture requests.

The code is still free, but paid sup­port is avail­able. I’ve also got some other ideas of where I want to take the site. So stay tuned!

As a few users of MyGoogleCal3 have already pointed out, the script no longer works prop­erly. That’s the bad news. The good news is ver­sion 4 does work. In fact, with the lat­est changes Google made to their code, ALL the fea­tures that were bro­ken in 3 appear to be work­ing now—Agenda/Week view, the cal­en­dar nav­i­ga­tion but­tons, and IE is fixed. Please down­load and test out the lat­est ver­sion, and report any bugs in the com­ments and I’ll try to resolve them as time allows.


MyGoogleCal2 no longer works 100% in Inter­net Explorer. A run­time error occurs when nav­i­gat­ing month-to-month or when switch­ing to Agenda mode. The workaround is to sim­ply hide the nav­i­ga­tion inter­face. Now, I don’t know if this bug was intro­duced when Google updated the code last month, or if it’s always been there and I just never noticed. In any case, the run­time error occurs when //""/calendar is replaced by // Given the poor debug­ging avail­able in IE, I didn’t get very far with fig­ur­ing out why IE breaks. I sus­pect that when IE makes an Xml­HttpRe­quest, it’s dou­ble check­ing that the request URL matches up with the server host, or some­thing to that effect. Since Google obfus­cates the Javascript code, it’s just way too hard to try and fix it. Instead, I’ve opted to cre­ate a new ver­sion of MyGoogle­Cal that uses the orig­i­nal tech­nique for IE but uses the tech­nique from MyGoogleCal2 for all other browsers.


One of my read­ers asked for a step-by-step set of instruc­tions to install MyGoogleCal2.php. My orig­i­nal posts for restyling Google Cal­en­dar did assume a cer­tain level of exper­tise. This should hope­fully help those who are still confused.