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So Greg Good­win has a very good post on installing Ruby on Rails with Pas­sen­ger on a Media Tem­ple ded­i­cated vir­tual server. How­ever, there were some post-install gotchas I ran into. I don’t recall run­ning into these prob­lems before. Per­haps I did and solved them last time, but did not write the solu­tions down. Well now I’m going to.


The Olympics are over. How­ever dur­ing, it annoyed me how the media out­lets ranked the medal totals either count­ing total medals or count­ing total golds. Nei­ther option accounts for the rel­a­tive val­ues of the medals. The for­mer treats all medals as equal, whereas the for­mer dis­re­gards the value of the other two medal col­ors. As oth­ers have pro­posed, a weighted medal count makes the most sense, the sim­plest being gold = 3, sil­ver = 2, and bronze = 1. With that the top five rank­ings are as follows:


Grats to the Giants. Grats to Eli. I’m glad to see you’ve come into your own. Too bad MVP is an indi­vid­ual award since the NY defen­sive line kicked ass. Belichick, you’re an ass. You snubbed Pey­ton and you ignored Eli and left early. Learn not to be a sore loser. Long live the 72 Dolphin’s per­fect sea­son. I miss you Shula.

Did you restyle your embed­ded Google Cal­en­dar using MyGoogle­Cal? Maybe you’ve restyled Google Cal­en­dar Gad­get by fol­low­ing my instruc­tions to mod­ify the XML con­fig­u­ra­tion? Do you want to show off how you inte­grated your cal­en­dar into your site? Just leave a URL com­ment with a link to your web site.