So Greg Good­win has a very good post on installing Ruby on Rails with Pas­sen­ger on a Media Tem­ple ded­i­cated vir­tual server. How­ever, there were some post-install gotchas I ran into. I don’t recall run­ning into these prob­lems before. Per­haps I did and solved them last time, but did not write the solu­tions down. Well now I’m going to.

  1. The mysql gem will error out if you use:

    gem install mysql

    You need to use:

    gem install mysql -- --with-mysql-config=/usr/lib/mysql/mysql_config

  2. If you use capis­trano, the apache user needs write access to the fold­ers under shared. chown -R FTPUSER:psaserv shared should do the trick

  3. For set­ting up action­mailer, make sure delivery_method is set to :sendmail.

  4. Some gems/plugins have exter­nal depen­den­cies and may fail silently, for exam­ple Paper­clip which depends on ImageMag­ick. yum install ImageMagick will fix that. Is there a way to check for these sort of depen­den­cies sim­i­lar to config.gem?

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